Modern Bangkok

Best Ways to Enjoy Traditional Thai Culture in Modern Bangkok City!

Are you traveling to escape the rushing metro life? This time, pack your bags for a big fat trip to one of the most promising destinations, Bangkok. More than the monasteries and palaces you can roam about, the city has several facilities to shift you to a peaceful traditional community. If you want to enjoy an authentic Thai life without any urban chaos, check out the following to include them in your list!

Cook and feast on the lip-smacking Thai cuisine

When visiting Thailand itself, you cannot deny trying all kinds of noodle bowls and seafood delights you might have watched in movies and dramas. Rich with local produce of vegetables, greens, and varieties of fish dipped and seasoned in traditional sauces and broths, Thai dishes surely comprise a world-famous cuisine to try.

You can almost find a splendid menu in any eatery or street cart you visit but make sure to search for the ones where you can also try your hands. Some cottage hotels have customized bowl offers or immaculate kitchen teaching sessions, where you can cook and gorge on your favorite combinations.

Soothing Thai massage and spas

The Ayurveda-induced Thai massage is the just required self-pampering no one should miss while in Bangkok. For 5000 years, this massage variation gained significance for its rejuvenating recreation and relaxation effects to energize the body and strengthen the internal organs.

The masseuses don’t use any heat or pressure generating items but apply soothing essential oils to relax your limbs physically. Apart from a full-body massage, you can also get a manicure and pedicure done in traditional methods using no chemicals and machines.

Cheerful floating markets

Chatuchak Weekend Market or the Maeklong Railway Market are the best to visit if you wish to fill up your bags with souvenirs and local goodies. You should definitely enjoy the floating markets with them if you want a glimpse of rural life. Throughout the day, all around the year, the in-city streams of Bangkok are constantly busy with thousands of floating markets on small rowboats. Starting from fresh fruits, local pickles, seafood, or homemade snacks, you can get a glimpse of an old-age era in contrast to the tall malls on the other side of the city.

A peaceful bicycle ride around the suburbs

Bike tours are the best tourist attractions to enjoy the scenic beauty and the local life in the city. Ditch your cars and book for a four-hour-long bike tour in the jungle passages, back town areas, and tourism spots to enjoy the calm village atmosphere. You can find dedicated cycle paths and bikes to rent, which are the best to avoid the hustle of busy streets and market areas. Biking is available for different trails and even night tracks, for planning multiple trips to cover the countryside life.

Plan your trip around the festivals

Festivals are the best moments when traditions and cultures reflect with elegant fervor. Folk programs, religious practices, water fights, community meals, and even a chance for tourists to participate is the best experience one can have. Explore more about the best festivals and mark your calendars to visit the city for a real escapade from reality!

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