Authentic Experience


Authenticity is essential when visiting any place. Community-based tourism claims to provide travelers with the most genuine experiences feasible. Thailand, too, pledges to provide travelers with an authentic experience through community-based tourism. Is this, however, the case?

As one of Thailand’s unique resource preservation and promotion policies, community-based tourism has favored the government, corporate sector, and universities. Locals have started collaborating with government agencies to provide tourists with a more authentic experience while benefiting their community. But how do they manage it? You can find the answer to this question in this article, which will offer you a better understanding of the subject.


Providing homestay

In the tourism industry, taking a trip and booking a hotel room are pretty standard. Many holiday package providers also claim to provide the most incredible and authentic experience but fail to deliver. This is because, while they may lead visitors to numerous authentic locations, the essence of what is gained by spending time with local people cannot be obtained by visiting a museum and learning about them.

As a result, homestays are provided by Thai locals to make it easier for visitors to understand more about the culture of Thailand. So, instead of staying in a high-tech five-star hotel, people live in bamboo and grass houses among the locals, allowing them to interact with them and experience the nation’s originality. This may seem to be an unimportant gesture. Still, it makes a significant contribution to the community’s economic development while also allowing tourists to experience and respect the lives of Thai people.

Visiting the authentic local attractions

Thailand is a country with a diverse range of tourist attractions in addition to its tradition and culture. It should be noted, however, that not all attractions in Thailand are authentic. There may be locations that have been there for centuries, but can it truly represent the concept of authenticity if it is not tied to Thai culture?

As a result, when visiting ancient sites such as Thailand, it is critical to ensure that local folks are approached first to learn about authentic Thai locations. Local restaurants serving authentic Thai cuisine are among the community-based tourism attractions that may be relied on. Local art and craft shops will display the work of local artists who have captured the essence of Thai authenticity in their work. Tourists can also get an idea about the experiences of Thai people by visiting local learning facilities.

Attending the cultural shows

These are some of the most common forms of entertainment provided to travelers.

Local residents demonstrate their talents in front of tourists at these shows to better understand their folk culture.

These performances are also done in front of tourists in Thailand, where locals dance in traditional attire and sing traditional songs to offer tourists a sense of authenticity.

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cultural shows

Final Views

It is quite difficult for countries to transmit an authentic atmosphere when visiting a place.

On the other hand, Thailand has invested heavily in community-based tourism to enhance their society socially and economically to provide tourists with an authentic tourism experience.