Community Tourism

Everything You Need to Know About Community Tourism in Bangkok

Thailand is one of Asia’s most popular and visited destinations. Have you ever thought of traveling in Thailand in an environmentally friendly manner? There are a number of things you can do to make your next vacation to Thailand more ecologically friendly. The country has about 300 national parks, and 17 percent of the land is set aside for environmental protection.

Tourism that is sustainable

Thailand’s economy is heavily reliant on the tourist industry. To guarantee the healthy growth of Thailand’s tourist sites, it is critical to reducing mass tourism’s impact on the environment and the community. Sustainable tourism addresses current requirements while also considering future generations’ needs.


Thailand is well-known for its abundant fauna and beautiful environment. To maintain the country’s beautiful nature, the country’s authorities recognize that tourism and its idea must evolve. There are several options for making your trip to Thailand ecologically friendly. Travelers are provided life-changing experiences like as living with local communities, sleeping in Thai families’ homes, and participating in initiatives sponsored by non-profit organizations and hotels.


More and more tourists are opting for a homestay holiday, in which they live with local hosts. It is an authentic approach to learning about the way people live: learning to cook traditional Thai cuisine, aiding with the manufacture of craftwork, or going fishing with local fishermen are all part of the unique experience.

Bo Hin Farmstay in Trang

Trang province is located in southern Thailand on the west coast of the Andaman Sea. The mountainous region contains 46 islands in all. Between December and May is the ideal time to visit the province. Rubber plantation, palm oil production, and fishing provide a living for the inhabitants.

We propose a homestay in Trang province for a genuine Thai experience. You will stay at the homes of local fishermen and learn about their daily lives. The Bo Hin Farm is located on the banks of the Sikao River in Trang Province. The family encourages you to learn more about the unique environment that runs along the Sikao canal, which stretches into the open sea’s pure blue bay.

Artist House Baan Silapin in Bangkok

In the southwest of Bangkok, there is a particular area for art and culture enthusiasts. Thonburi is a less visited tourist neighborhood that is particularly distinctive due to its gorgeous riverfront position. The Artisthouse Baan Silapin is located on the western bank of the Chao Phraya and offers tourists the opportunity to see traditional Thai theatre in action.

Thailand in Green Season

Off-season or shoulder-season travel is becoming increasingly popular. You have more time to explore the attractions, you escape tourist crowds, and you may save money because the price-performance ratio is much better.

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