Community-Based Tourism


Community-based tourism has been around for a while, but it has only recently gained a foothold due to its growing popularity. In community-based tourism, local people involved in the entire tourism planning process communicate about their culture and community, which helps them highlight how their place and society are developing. In community-based tourism, there is no doubt that people join together. This is because both tourists and residents collaborate and work together for their good, allowing people to learn more about themselves and the community. On the other hand, tourists can live life and gain a firsthand understanding of their culture and way of living.

community-based tourism

Community-based tourism has been a huge success all around the world. However, in Thailand, these have grown in popularity due to the authentic experience visitors receive after visiting. Some of the reasons that have contributed to the success of community-based tourism in Thailand are listed below.

Participation of the locals

Community-based tourism, as previously stated, is all about discovering, exploring, and experiencing something unique to from area. As a result, community-based tourism in Thailand is organized by locals to ensure its success. In Thailand, there are seven major tribes, and community leaders, tourism organization officials, and local company owners are the most common participants in community-oriented tourism. This is because they have a greater understanding of the culture, which supports tourists in understanding the nation, resulting in the success of this type of tourism.

Control over the tourism

The same is true in Thailand, where residents are in charge of community-based tourism. Community-based tourism has proven to be a huge success, as tourists learn more and more about Thailand’s rich history and culture thanks to the information provided by residents. Many travelers arrive in Thailand as tourists to see the country, but the majority of them come to receive a firsthand glimpse into the lives of Thai people. This demonstrates that community-based tourism has the upper hand in the overall tourism business.

Showcasing local talents

Each country has its unique talent. These talents can be in any form, including art, craft, or other skill. Thailand’s residents make it a point to reach out to as many people as possible to notify tourists about the country’s various talents. As a result, local stores or local business owners are integrated into community-based tourism so that tourists can visit their facilities and witness what Thailand is known for.

The leadership and management qualities by the locals

Locals are in charge of the entire management system in community-based tourism. They are the ones who look after guests by allowing them to stay in their homes so that tourists can have a unique experience while in Thailand. As a result, leadership and management skills are critical components of community-based tourism, as they contribute to the Thai community’s economic development.

Thai community's

Authentic experience

Because the Thai community is rich in culture, tourists must get a hands-on understanding of Thai culture by staying with and spending more time with the locals to have an authentic vacation experience that is only successful by community-based tourism.