Shifting to Bangkok

Why Shifting to Bangkok Can Be a Wonderful Paradise to You?

Bangkok, Thailand, is one of Asia’s dream travel traveling destinations. Be it your honeymoon trip or a business conference trip, the city is always warm and well-established with the best hospitality. As much as you can enjoy your few days’ trips, Bangkok is really is the best place to settle down too. Looking about what the urban Thai society can offer? Check out the following essential factors to consider before your shift.

Tourist places all around

Full of monasteries, temples, palaces, and museums to visit now and then, Bangkok is certainly the best place if you are a travel addict. While being stuck in your professional life, you can still enjoy the best of nature and Thai cultures. Festivals in and around the city are celebrated in their best grandeur filled with traditional practices, offering you a peaceful location with a natural work-life balance.

The best nightlife enjoyment you can ask for

The Red Light Street, Kaho San Road, or the Soi Cowboy areas are the all-time humming streets to enjoy the best nightlife every day. Clubs, bars, game rooms, drinks, and an array of street food eateries, you name the choice, and there they are readily available for you. You can find thousands of marketplaces, cheap roadside hotels, or even posh restaurants to enjoy your time after the sunset.

Thriving amenities at affordable charges

Though Bangkok is still a developing city, you can find all the demanding amenities to the point. Transportation is no less with Bangkok sky-trains transit system, ferry boats, three-wheeled tuk-tuks, or the taxis always running on the streets.

The city currently stands at no.37 among the world’s best cities to live, providing a suitable lifestyle for every immigrant shifting there. You can find clinics, multi-speciality hospitals, schools, and top-class Asian Universities to afford with splendid discounts and scholarships.

Rent and market are also cheaper as you can find several street-side outlets and cottage shops selling various goods at cheaper rates.

Employment opportunities and immigration support

Shifting to Bangkok requires a formal employment offer or rigid work permit along with a Non-Immigrant Visa(B). Ex-pat employees working in certified organizations can avail of the entire benefits of the country’s employment laws.

With a mix of culture and technology developing in Bangkok, most of the shifted residents vote it for a peaceful lifestyle they enjoy. If you wonder the city only sustains strong due to tourism, the other industries like IT, media, manufacturing, and real estate contribute to a massive chunk in the GDP.

As an ex-pat, if you are worried about immediate accommodation, there are countless boarding hostels for students and workers, and you can easily find a place to rent in no time.

Is security your concern?

While you plan to shift, security in the city is a must. Ranked as the least dangerous country of South-East Asia, Thailand is one of the best for travelers and residents. Though one can’t erase the petty pocket thieves from society or stop the occasional community fights, Bangkok still scores higher in safety for travel and residence, even for solo women. The city is busy day and night with no excuse of aloofness or danger of walking alone anytime.

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