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Up for visiting the community-based tourists’ attractions near Bangkok?… Well, here is a list that would help!

In the hustle of everyday life, everyone seeks out some time to spend with themselves and their loved ones so that they can relax before going back to their busy day-to-day schedules. There are many ways one can freshen up their mind. It could be by engaging in favorite hobbies, attending or organizing functions, etc. One of the most common and much-preferred ways for many people is traveling to different places, observing different cultures, and knowing interesting things about that particular place.

To talk about the famous tourist destinations, one place that always makes it to the go-to list for many people is going to Bangkok. However, an important point to consider while traveling to any place is that you must be a responsible traveler who doesn’t pose any harm to the culture and the environment of the place you are visiting. For the same, you can try to look out for community-based sustainable tourism options that could be your go-to destinations.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok, here are some nearby local Thai community-based tourism places to visit that could help you have a lot of fun and be sustainable at the same time.

Ban Khwai (Buffalo Village)

If you wish to get an insight into how the rural world of central Thailand functions, Buffalo Village situated in Suphan Buri is you way to go. This place replicates the lifestyle entirely and can make you a witness to the process of making the rice beginning from the care of the seedlings to the final step of rice-threshing. With due consideration to the fact that the number of buffaloes has dropped from three million in 1996 to somewhere around one million at present, this place also serves as the buffalo preservation center.

Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Centre

Situated in the Ang Thong village, Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Centre has the potential to portray the lifestyle and the culture of Thai-style through art in an immensely beautiful way. It is a project that aims to provide an alternate source of income for the local villagers as they indulge in doll production. If you plan to visit this place, you can witness how the beautiful pieces of art come into form as the amiable villagers use their skills to create them.

Khwai Thai Khao Ngam Conservation Centre

It is yet another center situated in the province of Sing Buri that aims to preserve the essence of Thai agricultural traditions along with breeding the buffaloes & preserving them. It is an initiative with an ultimate goal to prevent the buffaloes from the slaughterhouse.

Khwai Thai Khao Ngam

Ban Suan Kwan Community Tourism

Visiting this place would make you a witness to the wisdom of local Thai people as they are producing products of good quality without any use of chemicals. It is combined with the tourism activities that are sustainable because visitors are ultimately attracted to see how these local food products are produced to ultimately purchase them. You can even take an e-bike ride to travel around and witness the beauty of Thai culture.

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